Real-Time Feng Shui Forecast
Lunar HOUR of the Pig : 10:01 PM, (GMT +08:00) Beijing, China
Favourable to: 
 weak Water or strong Earth person
Unfavourable to: 
 strong Water or weak Wood person
Lunar DAY of the Horse : 4/20/2018, (GMT +08:00) Beijing, China
Favourable to: 
 weak Wood or strong Metal person
Unfavourable to: 
 strong Wood or weak Fire person
Lunar MONTH of the Dragon : 4/20/2018, (GMT +08:00) Beijing, China
Favourable to: 
 weak Earth or strong Wood person
Unfavourable to: 
 strong Earth or weak Metal person
Lunar YEAR of the Dog : 4/20/2018, (GMT +08:00) Beijing, China
Favourable to: 
 weak Metal or strong Fire person
Unfavourable to: 
 strong Metal or weak Water person

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Source: Pillars of Destiny Auspicious Date module at My FengShui.

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